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  Industry Compliance

Brown & Associates is fully licensed and bonded by the State of Mississippi.

We carry repossession specific insurance through Recovery Specialist Insurance Group. We also continue our ongoing education and training on CFPB compliance through the RSIG and Allied Finance Adjusters certification programs.

Brown & Associates are proud members of RSIG and AFA
Allied Finance Adjusters

Recovery Specialist Insurance Group (RSIG) is the most respected and recognized group of repossessors in the industry today. They earn that respect by maintaining a positive professional reputation with lenders nationwide and by fulfilling the needs of the industry. RSIG is the industry's Trusted Source for repossession insurance, repossession assignment management and repossession education & training. RSIG offers an online course curriculum covering topics such as the FDCPA, UCC, Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, Bankruptcy and Specialty Repossessions as well as repossession case law and state specific repossession law when available.

Allied Finance Adjusters (AFA) is the largest, not-for-profit, national trade association of certified, insured and CFPB compliant recovery professionals. AFA has led the industry as the first trade association to offer its members CFPB Training & ongoing continuing education. AFA Members are the most professional in the industry at locating and repossessing collateral on behalf of all lending institutions including, banks, credit unions, financial institutions, rental & leasing companies, buy here pay here, auto, truck and equipment dealerships. All new AFA Members must pass rigorous physical office inspections and background checks. All AFA members are independent professional business operators and are covered by the AFA $1,000,000 Fidelity Coverage Policy.

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Brown & Associates Auto Recovery, Inc.
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Brown & Associates Auto Recovery Inc
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